Artistic ownership and the AI apocalypse

Partially Derivative had a great segment on AI artists -- honestly: hilarious and thought provoking -- thinking about a new project wherein a team of programmers and art historians managed to train up an algorithm to reproduce the style of Rembrandt. The computer doesn't replicate Rembrandts, it paints new ones that replicate the style of Rembrandt. Vidya brought up the question: who is the artist here? Is it the programmer? Or are we willing to grant artistic ownership to the computer itself?

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Design choices and trying to roll my own process simulator

When I was still in school doing my chemical engineering thang, I slapped together some code in matlab for doing flash calculations i.e. determining how a mixture will partition into phases at a given temperature and pressure. Over time this project migrated into python, and in this post I sit back and reflect on the edges of the project and when I should stop and consider it done, if ever.

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Ok so maybe graphical isn't the worst thing in the world.

I complain about having to make up plots of things all the time. I spend more time making the graphs than solving the problems. Or I just make a template to make the graphs and my homework consists of printing off reams of paper with no obvious point. Enter the …

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what did people do before computers?

A pretty common bit of the Chemical Engineering curriculum are the various graphical methods for doing things. These range from simple correlations that come as charts you have to read off with a ruler and good eye-sight to ways of analyzing a distillation tower by drawing lines with a ruler …

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The Last Minute Panic

Calvin gets it

It is that time in the design project where everything must come together.  Must because there is literally no other time at which it can come together.  It is the last minute.

I am not much of a last minute person.

Scratch that, I am very much a last minute …

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The Joys of Thermodyamic Models

I am in the winding down of a group design project.  That point where we push ourselves back from our process simulators and start writing up things.  Or in this case the point where some well-meaning soul comes along and points out that one of our key assumptions is a …

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