Dumb Things On the Internet

Edmonton Property Values Map

Thumbnail of the property values map

A project both to play around with the data available through the Edmonton open data portal and to learn TypeScript and Angular2. This site looks up the assessed property values for properties within a 200m radius of a given street address in Edmonton (pulling from the 2016 property assessements) and also provides an overlay of interesting stats for the neighbourhood drawn from the 2014 city census.

Markov Tweeters

Thumbnail of the markov tweet generator

I got to noodling with markov chain generators, and in the process ended up making a site in angularjs that takes a downloaded corpus of tweets and generates faux tweets. By default it squawks like me, but there are other people's tweet histories available.

Quickie Generator

Thumbnail of the quickie generator

I went to a house party and things got saucy, a few of my married friends were talking about sex dice as a way to spice up their sex life and how nice it would be to have an app for that. In the early morning after the party, with my decision making skills suitably clouded by beer, I threw together a website to generate random suggestions for quickies. The user's preferences are stored locally in the browser's local storage so people can modify to their heart's content, without worrying about creeps kink-shaming them.

Chemical Engineering Code


My perpetual off and on project, building abstractions to make doing thermodynamic flash calculations easy, so you can just jump in and start doing things. It is all built off of numpy and scipy.

Pipeflow Excel

A small collection of VBA to do compressible pipe flow calculations. A surprisingly useful thing to have in a spreadsheet.

Android EOS Calculator

Thumbnail of the Android EOS Calculator

Way back in 2011, while I was in school getting my Chemical Engineering degree I put together this app for my Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.0. It uses cubic equations of state (either Peng-Robinson or Soave-Redlich-Kwong) to calculate the thermodynmaic properties of pure fluids and comes with a small database of fluids to work with. A surprisingly useful thing to have in your pocket while doing chem eng. thermodynamics homework.