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Models and Testing

About this time last year I wrote up a post on storage tank venting and how to size a gooseneck. Well I was called upon recently to collect my notes and calculations into a guideline to go with my code and it forced me to reevaluate the assumptions I baked into my calcs.

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Storage tank venting and API 2000

A previous post talked about venting through a gooseneck, where I just assumed the amount of venting had already been figured out. This time I want to go into more details of the API-2000 method for venting, the assumptions, and the models.

(The following deals with the 2014 edition of …

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Sizing a goose neck vent

This is one of those random things that came up, through work, where I was surprised to find a relative void of info on the internet: sizing a gooseneck for an aboveground storage tank.

Venting for aboveground storage tanks is dealt with in standards such as API 2000, which gives …

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