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Codenames and Needless Pedantry

I was at a Halloween party last night and we played the game Codenames, which is a very fun party game. In the game, two teams compete to find their colored squares on a 5x5 grid. The grid starts with cards on it, each with a single word, and only the Spymasters have the map to which square corresponds to which color. The twist is that the Spymasters (there's one for each team) can only communicate to their team using a single word and a number, where the number is the number of cards that correspond to the word in some way. So, for example, the Spymaster might say "ocean, four" and their team now has to find four cards that somehow correspond to "ocean". If you pick the wrong card your turn ends, and you may end up revealing one of the opposing team's cards by mistake (which bonus to them).

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