Partitioning Teams Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

In a previous post I looked at various ways of partitioning up a group of people into teams, such that each individual's preferences of teammates is taken into consideration and the overall happiness of the team, and thus the corporation, is maximized. I've been spinning ever more complicated way of doing this in my head, so why not try one out?

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Partitioning Teams

I found an interesting problem in Ask Metafilter the other day about sorting people into work groups. The problem is this: suppose you have a group of 90 people and you want to sort them into 3 equal sized teams. To facilitate this you ask them to write down the 5 people they most want to work with. What method (algorithm) should you use to sort these people such that you accomodate the most preferences?

tags: partitioning, python,

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