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Sizing a goose neck vent

This is one of those random things that came up, through work, where I was surprised to find a relative void of info on the internet: sizing a gooseneck for an aboveground storage tank.

Venting for aboveground storage tanks is dealt with in standards such as API 2000, which gives …

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Visualizing transient laminar pipeflow

transient pipe flow

In a previous post I derived some equations for the velocity distribution as a function of time in transient pipe flow. Here it is visualized by Sage.

The Sage code is as follows

import mpmath as mp
xi, tau = var('xi tau')

def phi(xi,tau,n):
    sum = 0
    for …

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Startup of laminar pipe flow

I've spent a fair bit of time examining various kinds of pipe flow, but so far only at steady state. This time I take a kick at the transient flow cat, looking at start-up of laminar pipe flow (Transport Phenomena 4D.2)

Suppose the same old cylindrical coordinates, assuming incompressible …

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Flow through a porous medium, with pipes!

Flow in and around pipes is old hat at this point, so to keep things fresh what about flow through porous medium, into a pipe? (Transport Phenomena 4C.4)

porous tube

Suppose fluid is coming in through the walls of a pipe, say a ceramic tube with a pressure at the outside …

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Not no-slip -- low density gas flow

Continuing on with tube flow, what happens when the fluid moving through the tube is low density and thus the no-slip boundary condition breaks down? (from 2B.9 Transport Phenomena)

I want the mass flowrate for a low density gas moving through a tube in slip flow.

First off we …

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Liquid in and on pipes

One of the nice things about setting up the math for simple fluid flow problems is that you can recycle the initial bits for various other uses. If you set up a balance based on a particular geometry of a differential volume then a wide variety of possible flow cases …

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Excel trick: circular references

I am not a big fan of using excel for doing complicated engineering calculations. I have spent way too much of my life trying to find the mistake another's convoluted spreadsheet, it is all to easy to make "spaghetti code" in a spreadsheet.

That said I'm now going to talk …

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