Design choices and trying to roll my own process simulator

When I was still in school doing my chemical engineering thang, I slapped together some code in matlab for doing flash calculations i.e. determining how a mixture will partition into phases at a given temperature and pressure. Over time this project migrated into python, and in this post I sit back and reflect on the edges of the project and when I should stop and consider it done, if ever.

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when an energy balance doesn't

This is just a funny quirk that came up recently in some simulations that caused some consternation before the problem was nailed down. The root is one of those little details that you ignore until it turns into a big detail.

So, I have this big flowsheet in VMGSim, a …

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Distillation towers in VMGSim

I've been spending my days noodling around in VMGSim recently, and I figured now was the time to talk about how I get my towers to converge. Some of my peers have a hell of a time getting their towers to converge, and I think it boils down to a …

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The Joys of Thermodyamic Models

I am in the winding down of a group design project.  That point where we push ourselves back from our process simulators and start writing up things.  Or in this case the point where some well-meaning soul comes along and points out that one of our key assumptions is a …

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