Making and unmaking spreadsheets

One unfortunate thing about using excel for coding at work is the difficulty in version controlling spreadsheets. Excel files are big binary blobs and, unlike the source files for most programming languages which are text files, cannot be easily diffed. This raises all sorts of issues with the maintainability of the spreadsheets and the macros that are embedded in them. I hacked together a simple solution to this problem in powershell, for newer versions of Excel (I have Excel 2013 on my work computer and it works there!)

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Numerical Methods and Excel VBA

I'm a big fan of using circular references and other tricks to get excel to solve equations numerically and automatically. Nobody likes constantly clicking through the solver or using goal seek when the spreadsheet could just solve itself. However circular references can be a hassle, especially for the uninitiated.

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Scraping html tables in excel part 2: first blood

Last time I dealt with VBA I came up with a horrible kludge for getting html into my excel spreadsheet. After noodling around I have found a better way.

My first attempt at copying the contents of an HTMLTable into an excel spreadsheet was slow as molasses. It took literal …

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HTML Scraping with Excel and VBA

Because I was a bad person in a past life, and I need to be punished, I work in a place where the one and only tool for doing calculations is excel, and my data source is a cryptic enterprise intranet that uses activex for everything and does not have …

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